Genan granules – or GENAN SAFE rubber pellets – are used in playground base layers to ensure a safe environment for active and adventurous children. Shock-absorbing rubber surfacing makes playgrounds softer. This means that children are much less likely to injure themselves than on playgrounds with conventional surfaces.

Genan products comply with EU regulations
To make playgrounds as safe as possible, the EU has issued standards for the elasticity of the surface that public playgrounds must comply with. These regulations are found in EU Directives EN 1176 and EN 1177.

A playground surface made from rubber granulate or pellets is more healthy for children compared to sand, gravel or wooden chips. A rubber surface is much easier to keep clean, and problems with e.g. hidden, left-behind needles and broken glass can be avoided.

Establishing the playground surface
Playgrounds are often made in-situ. Rubber granules or pellets are mixed with polyurethane and the playground or track is built on the spot. There are many examples of playgrounds in exciting shapes, designs and colors. Playgrounds may also be made of pre-fab tiles produced by the rubber industry, using rubber granulate as source material.

Genan offers rubber granulate for playgrounds in three standard sizes: MEDIUM, COARSE and SUPER COARSE.

GENAN SAFE pellets are homogeneous rubber pellets. The diameter of GENAN PELLETS 4.2 / 5 is Ø4.2 mm, and these pellets are 5 mm long.