Devulcanized rubber

In addition to the eco-friendly recycling of scrap tires via granulation and cryogenic milling, Genan has the technology and knowhow to devulcanize rubber powder from scrap tires. Using this technology, Genan produces premium devulcanized rubber and opens a whole new world of prospective applications.

Devulcanization is a combined thermal/mechanical process.

The Genan devulcanized rubber product is the result of an R&D project with a major European tire manufacturer. The technology has been tested by one of the most reputable European laboratories in the rubber industry (ERT BV). During the R&D project, Genan verified that Genan’s devulcanized rubber can be used to substitute virgin elastomers.

Genan devulcanized rubbers are supplied as uniform rubber slabs, cut to the desired weight and packed on pallets. For more information, download a safety data sheet and technical data sheet here.


Safety Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet

Cradle-to-cradle recycling

Genan devulcanized rubber has excellent product properties and is a high-quality substitute for virgin elastomers. When added to compounds used in the manufacture of new tires, devulcanized material is the ingredient that makes true cradle-to-cradle recycling possible.

Devulcanized rubber applications

Devulcanized rubber is specifically intended for the substitution of virgin polymer or as an extender in rubber compounds.

Examples of applications include:
Tires, conveyor belts, mill linings, anti-vibration products and noise attenuation.