The use of Genan rubber powder in industrial rubber products

Recycled rubber can be applied in many different products – from shoe soles to conveyor belts and from anti-vibration to noise attenuation products. The sky is the limit! Check out the list below for examples. Please contact us if you have an idea for specific use of recycled rubber in your production process.

Use Genan rubber powder if you want:

– A consistent, high-quality product
– A consistently high quality product
– High volume availability
– High efficiency due to a very clean product
– An easy order and delivery process
– A sustainable solution

Shoe soles

When producing shoe soles, you need good compounding properties. With cryogenic rubber powder from Genan in your compound, you will get a sustainable, high-quality, eco-friendly product. When using cryogenic rubber from scrap tires instead of e.g. waste rubber from your own production process, more recycled material can be added – for a more cost-effective rubber compound.


The Genan concept is both remarkable and inspiring. From the intake of end-of-life tires to the use of rubber products in our customers’ various applications, we strive to deliver an innovative, high–quality, sustainable product.

GENAN Rubber granulate and rubber powder can be used for many different applications.

Let us inspire you.

Conveyor belts

When producing conveyor belts, compound costs can be reduced by substituting virgin elastomer with Genan cryogenic rubber powder.
Sometimes, virgin elastomers are substituted by reclaim rubber for the same reason. However, using Genan cryogenic rubber powder is an even better solution because Genan rubber of this type has excellent properties.

Anti-vibration and noise attenuation

Products used to impede vibration or attenuate noise must be superior rubber products. We realize that, for manufacturers, reducing the cost of large-scale production processes is also of great importance.
To produce a sustainable, high-quality product where a long product life is essential, a consistent, high-quality substitute for virgin elastomers is required. Genan provides cryogenic rubber powders to meet stringent demands.

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