The ultimately sustainable solution

The cradle-to-cradle approach is the ideal solution to avoid waste from the use of a product.

All recycled rubber produced at the Genan plants originates from tires. At Genan, we aim to produce rubber that can be used to substitute virgin rubber in new tire compounds on a 1:1 basis.

However, in the manufacturing of new tires, during the vulcanization process rubber irreversibly loses some of its properties. Recycled rubber is therefore unlikely ever to become equal with virgin rubber.

Genan rubber for tire production

Genan fine cryogenic rubber powders are currently being used in the tire manufacturing industry, where these products substitute a fraction of virgin rubber compound material. Genan works in close cooperation with the tire industry ultimately to make cradle-to-cradle recycling a reality. Thanks to the development of clean and eco-friendly Genan tire recycling technology, the circular economy loop in rubber and tire production is now gradually closing.