Ready-to-melt quality steel for industry

To withstand bumps and heat, tires must be extremely sturdy. A strong and durable inner tire construction made of steel is crucial to traffic safety. Tire manufacturers know this – and consequently never compromise on the quality of the steel they use.

Genan technology includes processing the steel fraction. We produce very clean recycled steel that is suitable for remelting at steel works.

At Genan, the steel fraction is compressed to a density of approximately 800 kg/m3 compared to the standard 300 kg/m3. Storage, transportation and handling the steel is easy and very cost-effective.

Genan steel conforms to common standards for recycled steel, e.g. the German “Stahlschrottpreise Index Sorte 2”, which reports market prices on a regular basis.


Technical Data Sheet – GENAN TIRE WIRE