Uniform and clean rubber powder and granulate

Genan only runs large plants with a very high product flow. This, together with the unique technology, ensures extremely consistent and uniform products. The customer knows exactly what he is getting, and the quality will be of the same high level, delivery after delivery. In order to meet customer demands, Genan offers a wide range of ambient granulates and powders, ranging  in size from 0.2 to 7 mm. Furthermore, Genan produces ultra-fine, cryogenic rubber powder from 40 Mesh (<425µm) to 120 Mesh(<125µm).

Recycled fine rubber powder and granulate from Genan are virtually free from contaminants. The products only contain an insignificant amount of dust, and on all sizes smaller than SUPER COARSE, we issue a guarantee of less than 100 grams of impurities per ton. However, typical values are only 50 grams per ton.

The most recent addition to Genan’s product range are the GENAN PELLETS – new, revolutionary rubber pellets, ideal for shock-absorbing playground base layers, boasting impressive product properties and HIC values.


Color-coated granulate






Boasting more than 30 years of experience recycling end-of-life tires, Genan produces rubber products of the highest and most consistent quality.


High quality
High quality

Genan’s customers benefit from the fact that Genan has a large, homogeneous and controlled intake of end-of-life tires. By that, Genan is able to produce uniform and pure, high-quality products for many different applications.

Knowledge-based technology
Knowledge-based technology

All Genan rubber products are produced in highly specialized plants. With more than 30 years of experience in sustainable tire recycling, Genan is continuously developing the production facilities and new products to match customer needs.

Highly sustainable
Highly sustainable

Sustainability is Genan’s core value. Converting a waste product into new products that match customer needs is of great importance to Genan, our customers and the world around us. Through continuous innovation, we strive to substitute even more virgin materials in the future.

Add Genan, Add Value

If you want a high-quality solution, focusing on the environment – put Genan inside. Genan inside is your guarantee of delivering a high-end solution to your customers.