Without quality, recycling has no future

Recycling is more than just recycling. If the quality is inadequate, the recycled products cannot substitute virgin raw materials – and “recycling” and “sustainability” are nothing more than buzzwords.

Output quality is key to any advanced technology – and most certainly for tire recycling. Many projects are launched in the name of sustainability, and many of them with public subsidies. If the output has little market value, the project will be a waste of time and money.

All good effort and intentions will be wasted. Since our foundation, quality has been the driving force behind development at Genan. We comply with the strictest industrial standards and we do everything we can to identify and meet our customers’ needs. At Genan, we work in close cooperation with our customers to create the best possible solution.

Quality control and tracking

At Genan, our standard procedure is to take daily production samples for analysis. The primary properties are then controlled. We record results just in case a customer should inquire about the quality of a specific delivery.
Genan is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system. We are subject to regular quality audits.

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